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Try it out in a few different spots. There are four main types of bases: Rookie, Total Team Control (TTC), Pro Line, and Invisibase. Our amazing new products bring kids and adults of all ages together for healthy play. All TTC Bases come with White Dials that can be easily angled on the fly to steer players in different directions. Devonte Adams Painted by Bryan Newton Justin Herbert . SALE .

2 offers from $50.74. Patriots BuzzBall team NOS Tudor teams and bases too! December 19, 2014. by Earl. Find great deals on Tudor electric football games Games & Puzzles, including discounts on the Red Zone Electric Football Game. The easiest place is the box, with the silhouetted NFL player. The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum is dedicated to preseving the history of the game, the memories of the generation who grew up playing the game and the innovations in technology that have allowed this game to endure into the 21st century. (40-25"), a double deck grandstand, and flood lights. Electric Football: The official website of the book The Unforgettable Buzz, The History of Electric Football and Tudor by Earl Shores and Roddy Garcia. Electric Football Pro Line Double Clip Strong Rookie Straight Front Bases-24 Pack. BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle Perfect for Protein Shakes and Pre Workout, 28-Ounce, Black. Pro Line Double Clip Fast TTC Straight Front Bases - 24 Pack for Electric Football Figures. Lee Payne's stunning box for the 1967 Tudor No. Tudor NFL Electric Football Model #645, "Cowboys and Redskins", Total Team Control.

Suggestions. Electric Football Pro Line Double Clip Strong Rookie Straight Front Bases. Introduction to the huge variety of electric football bases manufactured by Tudor Games. $20.00 They are the small 26" x 16" NFL No. With 70 years of product success and over 40 million units sold, Tudor Games wins on the field of play with creative products that deliver hands-on fun and engaging sports action! Tudor Games, TOEPRO Football andThe Ball By TOEPRO Football Kit, February 20, 2021. If the prong is curled, you can straighten it by brushing it with the pliers. Picture the concept: You put eleven players into position. It is a popular and growing hobby and has spawned leagues, tournaments and is collected world wide. Custom Electric Football Electronic Games, Base Set, Team Associated RC10 Electric RC Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles; Additional site navigation. Invisibases are a newer and completely different design. Posted April 6, 2020.

The type of ball they hit is determined by where the magnetic ball lands in the field. There are more colorful Electric Football games, there are more elaborate Electric Football games, and as we've seen in our Top 20 Countdown there are even Electric Football games that recreate some of Pro Football's greatest momentsbut there is only one Tudor . We have 1000s of vintage board games and rules. Single Player Electric Football discussion 1k posts. Since 1947, Electric Football has been the world's favorite tabletop football game and is more detailed and playable than ever! Tudor Games Electric Football Challenge - 6081 includes: (1) Electric Football Game with PlayAction Switch (12) Rookie Regular Double Clip Bases . He revived Electric Football, became the face of the game, rallying its small fan base by starting tournaments and a league (based in Highland Park). I think anyone who's been in the hobby for a while will recognize most of them and understand the logic behind the system. 613 with the Bears-Cardinals (this was also made as a Montgomery Ward-exclusive No. . The game was invented in 1948 by Norman Sas, and his company Tudor Games would go onto sell some 40 million units.Most people old enough to remember electric football's heyday recall it as more chaotic than constructive, with players that appeared to just dogpile into a rattling mess rather than execute anything resembling a football play. Tudor Electric Football Game $55 (bos > WRENTHAM) hide this posting restore restore this posting. There are so many iconic pieces to this game, it's hard to know where to start.

Vintage New York Jets Players Tudor Electric Football Team Green Jersey In Bag. 24 Plastic football players/bases (picture of 6 players below) 11 One color team (white) 11 Second color team (yellow) 2 Triple threat quarterbacks To find your strongest bases, line up any two players with bases attached head to head and switch on the power. Tudor Electric Baseball Game. We value the free flow of information. Payne spear-headed a new vision of electric football. Tudor Electric Football Team Browns (dark Jersey) Haiti with bases. TTC bases are available in packs of 12 and 24 in traditional green. Tudor Electric Football (75) TTC bases. Throw passes, run slants, traps, and sweeps. Miami Dolphins 2021 Electric Football Training Camp By Electric Baller, August 15, 2021. Modern Electric Football is played with detailed miniatures and larger playing fields. In 1948, Norman Sas succeeded his father, Elmer Sas, as president of Tudor Metal Products Corporation and invented Electric Football. 1 reply; 142 views . Still looks cool though!! FREE Shipping. Two teams of eleven 3D players with directional bases give coaches control over . What could be more fun than that? $15. Tudor electric football game. From about 1985 on there were no holes in the bases except for the "67 BM re . .

$12.95 $ 12. His first accomplishment was introducing true 3-D poses and a new quarterback similar to the one used today! See how easy and quick it is to play in this video. New Custom Tudor Electric Football Los Angeles Ramsbased on 1971 teamHaiti Repros " Fab 5" figuresgloss overcoat and facemasksexpertly painted and decaled. Tudor then put the model #600 on the market, blitzing EF fans with its increased size (36-20") and new photographed crowd scene grandstand. Today's Tudor Games Offers. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Tudor Electric Football NFL Dallas Cowboys 11 Players and Bases HAITI at the best online prices at eBay! What NIP Tudor bases should be used for the 2020 Season? Our Electric Football Game Top 20 Countdown hits No 6 this weekthe 1967 Sears' exclusive Tudor NFL No.

Tudor figures and bases still have . You flip an inline-cord switch. Beneath the playing field was a motor, which caused the board to vibrate at the flip of a switch. This set was purchased sight unseen.

Tudor Electric Football 1967 "Ice Bowl" Packers vs Cowboys $75 (mil > milwaukee) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. The bases were similar to Tudor's TTC bases except all four prongs were on the wheel and the front of the base was . You then place a felt "ball" on the base of a player, and turn the game back on . Pro Line Bases as low as $9 . This video shows Tudor bases from the past and the present. . There are more colorful Electric Football games, there are more elaborate Electric Football games, and as we've seen in our Top 20 Countdown there are even Electric Football games that recreate some of Pro Football's greatest momentsbut there is only one Tudor . 161. It was featured in the 1973 Eaton catalog on page 147. It consisted of a metallic board decorated to resemble a football field, plus 22 two-dimensional metal figures to place atop the field. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Free shipping for many products! Pro Lines are made with a wide variety of combinations of clips, spikes, and fronts. Any NFL, College or Fictional team can join. Get Offer . Painted bases provided a little more camouflage, but the distinct player poses gave the figures away as clearly belonging to Tudor. The players, thank goodness, did not come with Coleco's new round Direct-O-Matic bases. April 7, 2020; Team Registration for 2020 Season. (24) Small Size Rookie Regular Double Clip Bases (22) Small Size Football Action Figures (11 white and 11 red) (2) Triple Threat Quarterbacks (1) Black Uniform Number Sheet (1) White Uniform Number . As with all boards, motor placement is important. After the players move a bit on their tremor-plagued gridiron, you stop the game. So don't cut off those little tabs on the bottom of the platform as they are there for a reasonTo lock your figure on the base! I don't think this was a big seller for Tudor Games and Miggle Toys, but it is still a part of the history of the game and hobby just like many of the other electric sports games that the original Tudor Games . Front prongs should typically be straight and slightly diagonal, and pointed in the opposite direction from the direction the player is facing. $290. Visit Don's Game Closet for 1966 Electric Football game by Tudor Games. 4. 2 replies; 675 views; Nanook . 3 replies; 659 views; Joe G; September 18, 2020; Prev; 1; 2; CIRCA - 1970. 1 the 1967 Tudor NFL No. In fact, right out of the box, no two bases are alike. tudor games power pro electric football NEW!!! These official Tudor Games Electric Football Regular TTC bases are available in packs of 12 with dials included and are brand new, never used, and ship directly from the manufacturer. The teams are complete and . $69.99 + $9.75 shipping 51m left Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar BITS Lot + A Variety of Bases About 4LBS of Bits $51.00 13 bids + $20.00 shipping 33 watchers Vintage 1968 Tudor NFL ELECTRIC FOOTBALL ~ Giants v. Browns ~TWO SETS of players $445.95 Free shipping 6 watchers undefeatedfigures.com also sells a great line of figures that are very popular. The old rules of "measure twice and cut once" applies, though in a different way. 619 with the 49ers-Rams); and the large 36" x 21" NFL No.

5.0 out of 5 stars 1. 1972 Tudor Official Electric Football Model #500. Skip to main content . 2 replies; 675 views; Nanook . 95. 3 offers from $12.74. The player with the stronger base will push the other player backward. The game pieces represent the runners as they make their way around the bases. After enjoying great success through the 70's, which correlated with the exploding interest of the NFL, electric football struggled to remain relevent with the advent of electronic gaming in the 1980's and 90's. Early 1970's Vintage Tudor Electric Football 22 Lite Green Double Clip Bases $29.99 $5.00 shipping Tudor Electric Football 11 "Red Peg" Bases $24.99 $4.00 shipping Only 1 left! Pro Line bases are a variation of the Rookie and TTC Bases. Tudor bases are shown in a different video.Bases from ITZ, Buzzball, Munro, C. Rear prongs can be curled slightly to get a little strength, and should also be slightly diagonal. Since 1947, Tudor Games has sold over 40 million Electric Football games, igniting the imagination of football fans young and old. All of the new Tudor teams have the word "China" on the bottom of the base. Item Details. These games, which Tudor made from 1967-69, are Electric Football classics. HawaiianJohn replied to HawaiianJohn's topic in Florida Electric Football League's FEFL Topics. 620 . Explore the FAQ section to see how Electric Football has grown and evolved into the exciting and thriving . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Tudor Electric Football NFL Dallas Cowboys 11 Players and Bases HAITI at the best online prices at eBay!